Wooden Floor Sanding

We can make a worn looking wood flooring into a near new-looking, striking natural wood floor.
Depending on the thickness of the wood, solid wood floors can be sanded many times and an engineered wood floor can be sanded around four times in its’ lifetime.

Our sanding system is a near dust free sanding process; this means that there will be virtually no dust created from the sanding process. It means that there won’t be lots of dust left lying around your premises after the work has been completed.

Whilst we are carrying out your floor sanding many people opt for us to fix down any loose floor boards, or repair/replace damaged boards. The first part of our process is to protect any area/items that may need this.

Secondly we will check the whole floor area for any screws, nails etc that may be protrude and remedy this. We then go through various grits of sanding to bring the floor to a lovely smooth, finish.

Should you require a stain, this will be applied following this process.

If you have skirting boards, you may also require us to sand and finish these at the same time and really make the room look its best!

Wood Staining

Normally wooden floors look best showing its natural colour, however sometimes it will benefit from having a stain applied.

There are many different colours you can choose from to compliment the room. We will take the time to discuss these options with you. Personal tastes differ so it is imperative that we achieve the look that you desire. The wood finish that we select will be long-lasting and keep your wood floor looking great.

Wood Floor Sealers

Our professional floor finishes come in different forms, these are;

  • Varnish (water-based)
  • Oil and wax varnish will give your floor more of a clear finish, with a bit of a shine; this is a very hard wearing sealer
  • Oil will compliment your wood floor with a slightly richer look
  • Wax will bring more of a natural look to the wood

Depending on which option you go for determines how many coats you will need. Each coat will need to dry fully before applying the next coat. We have fast-drying machinery that helps to speed up this process, again reducing disruption to your home or business.

Gap Filling for Wooden Flooring

This is generally carried out by mixing sawdust with a resin and applying to the floor board gaps. We can also use wood slithers for larger gaps.

Wood Floor Restoration

If your floor has no need for sanding we can offer our wood restoration service, which will give your floor a great look. (We generally would need to see the floor to determine the best process).

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